Two Local Mid-Century Modern listings featured in the latest “Los Angeles Times Hot Property List” for Celebrity & Luxury homes under $1 million!

Mid-Century Modern Market Trends

Good Architecture markets itself when it gets seen, and the more it is seen, the more marketing it achieves. The trick is in getting it seen, and that means making it visible to the most people in the most ways.

The internet is the ideal tool for this with an almost global reach, but it has thousands of “channels” vying for eye-time.   Fortunately, it has “Integrators” in the form of search engines that tie similar things together. If a search engine finds something that is of higher interest to viewers, it will present that information with a higher rank in search results and to more people who are interested in it and will see it. Mission accomplished – almost.

Internet marketing means targeting those who are interested in the product, so it makes sense to address this product as a niche by itself. That provides a lot of the product they want.

It also means using as many of the “channels” as needed to reach them.  Newsletters, blogs, websites including agent, company, address, MLS and syndications, social media pages, The properties get quickly and widely seen.

Here’s an example. In our last newsletter we introduced an updated Krisel in Rancho Mirage. It went on the MLS on February 7th. On February 18th it was featured along with other  listings in the LA Times. (Click here to go the web page)

So listings featured exactly one we would dream of having them done, and couldn’t have achieved for any amount of money, thanks internet synergy. Other listings are well recognized too and agents and their clients sometimes travel great distances to see them.

This all takes a lot of time and effort but it works, so it is worth it.